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Settled in Australia but fed up with your odd job. Our job-ready program can help you start a rewarding IT career by training you, getting you certified, get local work experience and career counselling, so you can enjoy the great Australian lifestyle.

Do you have the right skills, knowledge, certifications and work experience companies are looking for?

The right set of skills will help job seekers improve their job opportunities, get their desired job, earn more and get better job security.

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Job Ready Programs

Job Ready Program

With our highly successful programs, candidates improve their skills, resume, cover letter and gain key communication skills required to break into the job market.
Learn how to set and achieve your career goals, increase your credibility and professionalism, and much more!
We are flexible, and with our services, it all depends on you and your budget. Our courses start from $899, and job-ready programs start from $4599. The courses in the programs can also be taken separately. You can start with a training course and later upgrade to a program or upgrade between programs.
In short, the more skills and knowledge you possess, the better your chances are of starting a career. If a job-ready program is not financially viable, even a training course may help you start the journey.
Do not wait; start now; the longer the gap, the harder it gets. Take advantage of the labour shortage in Australia. In the end, all you need is ONE job to start your career.

Our Job Ready Program (JRP) is much more effective than traditional education models, emphasising tangible skills and practical learning. Instead of limiting students to lengthy theoretical studies, our job ready programs provide dynamic learning experiences that prepare students for the immediate workplace upon graduation. In our job ready programs, the curriculum is designed to focus on the needs of specific industries, ensuring that graduates have the skills employers are looking for in their employees.

Our Job Ready Program is not a training course but a job placement program aimed at helping job seekers find a job as quickly as possible. Our well-designed job-ready program helps jobseekers to find a job by improving employability skills, followed by intensive job-focused activities and support. We match job seekers with employers and teach them how to act themselves.

Job Ready Programs have become a transformative approach to education and career development in a world characterised by rapid technological development and a changing industrial environment. Our job ready programs are designed to equip students to meet the needs of practical demands of the workforce. Our job ready programs have become a beacon of opportunity for people looking for a direct route to a successful career. These programs are designed to give learners the practical skills, sector-specific knowledge, and hands-on experience to move quickly from the classroom into working life. Our job ready programs, with their benefits, show how they are changing traditional education models.

Job ready programs, also known as vocational or skills-based programs, are education programs that prioritise the development of practical skills to meet immediate sectoral needs. Unlike conventional academic courses, these programs are designed to ensure graduates are equipped with fundamental skills employers demand in the job market. The aim is to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, leaving graduates well-prepared and confident to face the challenges of their chosen profession.


1. Skills, knowledge and certifications through our instructor-led training

it gives the prospective employer the confidence you have current, relevant, verified skills.

2. Relevant Australian work experience through our internship

it gives the prospective employer the assurance you understand and have experienced the work culture.

3. Professional resume, cover letter and interview preparation through our career counselling

it helps to start getting you noticed with a tailored resume and cover letter. You need proven techniques for interviews.

Instructor-led, Hands-on Training Details

The training time provided in the programs does not mean you have a class every day for 1, 2 or 3 months. The training time is stretched, with breaks included for your self-study and exam preparation. The classes are held on certain days. We provide a schedule before program commencement.

Are you looking to work in Australia and start a career in your nominated occupation in an Australian workplace?

Our job ready program JRP can be completed in less than 12 month period and has minimal eligibility requirements. For students and fresh graduates, we recommend having their provisional skills assessment completed and ensuring part time employment periods and any part time paid employment is included when you submit your JRE application. In our experience, 12 months of full time or equivalent part time employment is looked up favourably by the assessing authority. For our program three wanting to apply for the JRP and following the step of submitting your JRE application online, we require a job ready final assessment, which includes a resume and a non-technical interview.

Internship Details

The internship is done remotely at Logitrain, and you do not need to leave your current job or visit our training centre daily during the internship period. You can do the internship in your own time and space and keep sending us your work within the allocated timeframe.

Our main goal is to help candidates gain in-demand, industry-relevant skills to become a better candidate for the job they want to get. This in turn allows them to add value to their lives and make a positive contribution to the national economy. Our educators and recruitment specialists keep a close eye on the changing job market.

The programs help improve job search skills, including interpreting, and responding to job advertisements and selection criteria.
Our courses are developed by keeping in view the changing industry standards, and incorporate practical, hands-on learning experiences and project-based learning. Our commitment to making real-world knowledge and skills accessible to all has led us to global recognition.
The career counselling sessions help uncover job advertisements, response criteria, create your templates and prepare for job interviews, and tips to help candidates re-enter the job market.

Creating a successful resume and cover letter that stands out from the rest can ensure success. New employees tend to focus all their time and attention on creating a well-written resume, but forget about the importance of cover letters and how they can increase their chances of being selected for a job interview.

A cover letter is a great place to really tailor skills to the job for which a candidate is applying and to show their passion and interest in the company they want to work for. It shows that candidates are willing to give their best even before they are hired.

Confidence is the key. It’s something that’s been known a million times, and the reason is that it’s true. The good news is that candidates don’t have to be naturally confident to impress a potential employer! These job-ready programs reveal the most important steps to take to mentally and physically prepare candidates to appear confident and to impress in an interview.

Job Ready Programs

This job-ready program is ideal for people interested in the field of business analysis; it combines the most sought-after certificates in business analysis. This program is specifically designed for career changers, graduates, and migrants who need a head start in the growing Australian job market. 

This job-ready program is ideal for candidates who want to start a career in cloud computing. However, cloud computing comes with its own challenges. Already, estimates suggest that 35% of cloud computing expenditure is lost due to insufficient optimisation of cloud computing costs. As applications, …..

The Cyber Security Job Ready program is designed to ensure all program delegates develop the necessary skills and knowledge to secure Cyber Security related employment. Whether you’re a fresh graduate, a career changer, or a fresh immigrant, Cybersecurity Job ready Program is the perfect choice ….

This program is well designed keeping in view the industry trends and is ideal for individuals looking for a career in data analysis and business intelligence. A combination of skills and knowledge is required in business intelligence and data analysis to perform various ……

This course is useful for anyone who wants to work in a variety of roles such as full-stack developer, database administrator (DBA), data analyst, data scientist, and database operator. This course will provide participants with a basic understanding of every database concept from scratch.

Project management courses are a popular route for candidates who want to enter the business world with exclusive training in project management. These programs equip candidates with the necessary skills to succeed in this field. Give your career a …..


The IT Job Ready program is the ideal course for those who want to start a career in the IT sector and enter the job market with the right set of skills. Whether the participant is looking to start a career in IT or simply wants to gain additional skills to expand an existing career, this is the right choice

Project management courses are a popular route for candidates who want to enter the business world with exclusive training in project management. These programs equip candidates with the necessary skills to succeed in this field. Give your career a major boost by 

Software Testing is the ideal field for candidates who want to develop their career in software testing, as well as for professionals who want to gain practical knowledge of the basic concepts of software testing. Professionals already working in roles such as test designers,

Job Ready Programs
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Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Paving the Way for Practical Proficiency: Our Job Ready programs carefully tailor the curriculum to the needs and requirements of specific industries. One of the critical features of job ready programs is their relevance to industry requirements. The curriculum is designed in consultation with industry professionals, ensuring students acquire skills directly applicable to their chosen sector.

Hands-On Learning Opportunities: Learning by Doing: Our job ready programs focus on practical learning experiences that allow students to apply theoretical concepts in a real-world setting. Job ready programs do not use traditional classroom teaching but focus on hands-on learning. Students engage in hands-on activities, simulations, and real projects that reflect the challenges they will face in their careers.

Rapid Skill Acquisition: Preparing for Immediate Employment: Job ready programs prioritise skill acquisition over extended academic pursuits. We have designed these job-ready programs to accelerate skills acquisition, allowing students to acquire the competencies needed for a specific job quickly. This efficiency means that graduates can enter the workforce quickly and confidently.

Industry networks and networking: Building professional relationships: These programs often build strong relationships with industry partners, providing students with networking opportunities, mentoring, and access to professionals in the field. These relationships facilitate access to internships, jobs, and career counselling.

Solving Real-World Problems: Adapting to Real-World Challenges: The Work Readiness program focuses on developing problem-solving skills that are directly applicable to the challenges faced in the workplace. Graduates can analyse situations, make sound decisions, and develop effective solutions.

Developing Soft Skills: Improving Interpersonal Skills: In addition to technical skills, programs designed for the labour market focus on developing soft skills such as communication, teamwork, time management, and adaptability. These skills are essential for success in any professional environment.

Industry Certification: Recognition of Competence: Job ready programs offer certifications recognised by their respective industries. These certificates demonstrate graduates’ competence and can significantly improve their employability and career prospects.

Guidance and job search support: A smooth transition to the labour market: Job ready programs often provide specialised career services, including workshops on CV writing, interview preparation, and placement assistance. This support ensures that graduates are well-prepared for the most suitable job opportunities.

Flexibility and accessibility: Adapting to individual needs: Job ready programs come in many forms: full-time, part-time, and online. This flexibility allows people to make other commitments alongside their vocational training, making these programs accessible to different groups of students.

Relevance in a changing industry: Keeping up with the times: Job ready programs are sector-oriented and adaptable to the changing needs of different sectors. Graduates acquire relevant skills as the industry evolves and new technologies are introduced.

Soft skills development: In addition to technical skills, job ready programs develop soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and adaptability. Employers highly value these interpersonal skills and contribute to overall professional success.

Job ready programs have revolutionised education, offering a dynamic and effective approach to career preparation. These programs focus on providing students with the precise skills and practical knowledge required to step into the workforce confidently. Unlike traditional education, job ready programs prioritise hands-on learning experiences and direct industry connections.

By blending theoretical knowledge with real-world application, these programs address the immediate needs of industries. They equip students with technical expertise and essential soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, and adaptability.

In a rapidly changing job market, job ready programs offer a unique advantage. Graduates are well-equipped to meet the evolving demands of their chosen fields. This approach to education bridges the gap between classroom theory and workplace reality, resulting in knowledgeable and readily employable graduates, making them valuable assets to potential employers.

Our Job ready programs is a great way to learn that helps you quickly become job ready. These job ready programs differ from normal classes because we teach candidates the skills that industries want. These programs use practical learning and connect candidates with people working in the industry. So, when you finish, you are all set to start working in a changing job market. These programs ensure you are ready for whatever comes next and can have a successful career. Contact us, and our highly skilled and dedicated team will assist you accordingly.

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