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Settled in Australia but fed up with your odd job. These job-ready programs can help you start a rewarding IT career by training you, getting you certified, get local work experience and career counselling, so you can enjoy the great Australian lifestyle.
Do you have the right skills, knowledge, certifications and work experience companies are looking for?
The right set of skills will help candidates improve their job opportunities, get their desired job, earn more and get better job security.
With our highly successful job ready programs, candidates improve their skills, resume, cover letter and gain key communication skills required to break into the job market.
Learn how to set and achieve your career goals, increase your credibility and professionalism, and much more!
We are flexible, and with our services, it all depends on you and your budget. Our courses start from $1299, and job-ready programs start from $4599. The courses in the programs can also be taken separately. You can start with a training course and later upgrade to a program or upgrade between programs.
In short, the more skills and knowledge you possess, the better your chances are of starting a career. If a job-ready program is not financially viable, even a training course may help you start the journey.
Do not wait; start now; the longer the gap, the harder it gets. Take advantage of the labour shortage in Australia. In the end, all you need is ONE job to start your career.
For flexibility, the programs are available full-time on weekdays and part-time on weeknights (Monday and Tuesday) or weekends (Saturdays only).

Job Ready Programs
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